Abundance, Distribution, Utilization and Conservation of Sinarundinaria alpina in Bwindi and Mgahinga Forest National Parks, South West Uganda

Robert Bitariho, Mbokuyo Mosango


Sinarundinaria alpina (Schumann) C.S. Chao & Renvoise, a tropical African montane bamboo, is heavily used by local
communities for household items such as granaries, baskets, ropes and trays. This article presents the results of a study carried out on the abundance, distribution and utilisation of S. alpina in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks. Both in-forest and household surveys were used to collect the data. It was found that canopy tree cover plays a role in the distribution of the species. Bamboo abundance and thickness decreased with increasing forest
canopy cover from the homogenous bamboo forest type to the mixed bamboo forest types. Bamboo rhizomes are harvested from the two parks for on-farm planting. We conclude with suggestions for conservation of the species.

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