Assessment of Local Dependency on Selected Wild Edible Plants and Fruits from Senapati District, Manipur, Northeast India

Neli Lokho Pfoze, Yogendra Kumar, Nilofer Sheikh, Bekington Myrboh


Market and household surveys were conducted in four locations in Senapati district, Manipur, Northeast India. Thirty-two common wild edible plants belonging to 25 families were identified. On average 73% of households surveyed are involved in collecting some edible plants, and 38% collect edible fruits. 32% use the collected plant materials for both household consumption and market trade. On average collectors share in 63% of the sales price of wild edible plants. A comparison of total monetary value generated per annum from different wild edible plants showed that Lentinula lateritia (Berk.) Pegler and Docynia indica (Wall.) Decne. contributed the greatest value.

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